Monday, 25 May 2009

Reminiscence of Malaysian street food [1]

Nasi Lemak (by Christ tell)
I travelled to Malaysia last year, where I had a great food experience. I was looking at the photos I took then, and thought I should share some of the food I had over there. Here's a snipet of some of the food I had in Georgetown in Penang.

I will start with with Nasi Lemak, the national dish of Malaysia. As we were walking to town from our Hotel to town, we had the incredible luck to pass a (weekly!) craft market where one stall was local women had made food to sell for charity. So we were very glad to be served home made Nasi Lemak! the tasty cold dish was excellent and so fresh!

For the whole holiday, I had been looking for any opportunity to find some roti canai, an ossession of mine, since I have heard that it is the same bread used in Thailand to make the banana pancake (see previous blog post).
The dish is a roti bread served hot with curries for breakfast and originates from India and can be found everywhere in Malaysia. We ate the best one at a little cafe in the Little India quarter.

In Little India (by Christ tell) In Little India (by Christ tell)
The Roti Canai was perfect (sorry, I started eating it before I took the photo, I could not resist...):
Roti canai (by Christ tell)
And it was served with a selection of six beautiful curries!
I also took the photos of the'making of' since making the Roti itself is an magic art and requireexperience and skills:

Making a roti canai 5 (by Christ tell)

I could not resist and ordered other breads, like roti tissue (ahem, this one got eaten before it could be photographed but you can see what it looks like here), Dhosa:
Dhosa (by Christ tell)
And all the breads were the best I've had during the whole trip. Unforunately, I was too full to be able to taste one of the puri bread from the mountain that had just been produced:
Poori (Puri) Bread (by Christ tell)

That day, when I found that little Indian cafe the breads were so good, that I almost fainted, like the Imam!
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japanese recipes said...

Great to hear you share Penang Food here :) Let me know your next trip to Penang sure you can explore more delicious food here ;)

Christelle said...

To japanese recipes: Oh yes please! no idea whn I'll be back, but I sure will contact you when I do :)

pigpigscorner said...

awww...all that food..I miss home now!

Christina Kim said...

Southeast Asia is my next travel destination... anything curry would make me very happy! These photos are beautiful, you've really captured the country's beauty.

Christelle said...

To pigspigcorner: sorry.. I miss it too though it's not my home ;)

To Christina Kim: Ah lucky you!!:) I can't wait for my next trip to Asia! Thanks, I hope I did, there is so much over there...

mycookinghut said...

I miss all these food!! I am hoping to make a trip home next year!