Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bear with me...

I have been a bit slow lately to post and catch up with your great blogs, my apologies for that.
There are good reasons though: I have just undergone laser sugery for my eyes - so very limited computer time allowed.
Next week I will be in New York on holidays and I shall come back with healed eyes and lots of photos and foodstuff to show you :). Any tips for what to do or where to go is welcome!
Next post in over a week!


Cindy Khor said... had laser eye treatment?? to correct your myiopia sight?? is it possible that you could tell me if there is any after effects after doing the surgery? i thought of getting one too...thanks

Christina Kim said...

Take your time to get better. Looking forward to more of your beautiful photos!

mycookinghut said...

I wish you a wonderful trip in NY! I can't wait to see your photos!!
You may want to try Bahn Mi. Please eat on behalf of me!

Also, don't miss out Eileens Special cheesecake.. absolutely miam!!

ICook4Fun said...

Which part of NY will you be and for how long? Who knows if there is time maybe we can meet up. NY is not too far from PA. If you don't mind can I have your e.mail address again so I and give you my phone number.

FoodShoutOut said...

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food-4tots said...

Take care and have a nice trip! Looking forward to your next post!

Junglefrog said...

Have fun in New York. I have thought about doing laser surgery but am simply too big a chicken to do it.. Scared to death that something might go wrong... But I would still love to be able to do it... at some point... maybe... A friend of mine did it a year or so ago and she is sooo happy with it!

Emile Zola@life said...

Just noticed you left a comment in my blog, I'm just too slow to notice it. Your blog is very interesting, I will explore you blog soon.

unconfidentialcook said...

Have a great trip in my favorite city!

Christelle said...

Cindy, I put a note in my next post, have a look and if you have more question, don't hesitate to ask! But I'd say it's worth it!

Christina: Thanks! :)

mycookinghut I did go to Bahn Me, and it was absolutely brilliant! missed out on the cheesecake, but I save it for next trip (yup, I'll be back :))

Icook4fun not sure you receive my email, Maybe it was an old one of yours, but no worries, we'll be more organised next time I'll be over :)

FoodShoutOut thanks for your message, I'll have a look now I'm back :)

food-4tots Thanks so much! :)

Junglefrog Been a chichen for years, but I made the step and I am really pleased about it!

Emile Zola@life Oh sweet, thanks!

unconfidentialcook No wonder, it's brilliant!!