Thursday, 13 August 2009

Traditional Iranian bread

Today as I was walking through the Satwa quarter in Dubai, I came across an Iranian Bakery, intrigued I approached, and the two bakers invited me in the shop, to see how the bread was made, They were really kind and wanted me to discover the process.
You bet, I was up for it! I only had my telephone on me at the time (I know, I did not carry my camera. Shame on me!) so all the photos were taken with my Sony Ericsson. I will return with my SLR, I promised myself!
The balls of dough prepared are flattened,
Then the flat disc of dough is flapped between the hands very quickly,
Then stretched in an instant on a convex shape covered with the cloth.
Then the bread is thrown very abruptly on the inside of the oven where it will stick and cook, forming bubbles. It is then taken on and reserved under a cloth.

The result tastes like a gorgeous crispy crepe! The guys wanted to give me a few of them, and refused that I pay them, so I definitely need to go back to pay for a second lot!

I found that on this stretch of road, people were incredibly kind and interactive, and they are very happy to have their picture taken, I asked every time and they all thought it was crazy but posed for me nonetheless!
I’ll definitely have to come back next week! (my last week in Dubai)…


Sonia said...

Thanks for sharing this, they are so kind to share the steps, respect them.

Junglefrog said...

What a great discovery! You should definitely go back (and take your camera... haha..:))

ICook4Fun said...

I am just like you. Hardly take my camera out with me. When I come across something interesting I will said 'I should have bring my camera' :) :) Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos with us. You have a great time at Dubai.

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Fitness Foodie said...

Looks like you are seeing some great things! Love to try that bread.

Ricardo said...

I have seen these breads being made before and they are the bomb in taste really really good excellent for dipping and wrapping foods and sauces ...well done for sharing this info and pics. kisses xxx

them apples said...

That's exactly the kin of experience that makes me glad to be alive.

Anonymous said...

Did they tell you what it was called?
I've been to Iran, adored many kinds of bread, but I think that one is called "nan barbari".

Christelle said...

Ah, At last I am answering these comments, I must apologise for my long absence..

Sonia: I had a lot of respect for them indeed, they were so friendly!

Junglefrog: I took my camera backl indeed ;)

Icook4fun: Thanks, I made the mopdt of my free time opver there.. :)

Hapi: Thanks you and welcome to my blog! :)

Fitness Foodie: If you have a chance try it whilst it is still hot, it';s amazing! :)

Ricardo: Thank you :)) |dipping is a very good optioon :) I just had them like that though, they wer so good! :)

Them Apples: Totally agree :)

Anonymous: I will enquire as I have an Iranian colleague, I will place a note in my post as soon as I have the answer :)

Questnet said...

Just stumbled on your blog..:)
Looks great