Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter lamb

Easter lamb, originally uploaded by Christ tell.
The tradition in christian based cultures is too cook lamb, so here's one I cooked a while ago... Pan fried, with some broccoli branches...

I'll always have a fond memories of Easter. The tradition in my family was, like in many in France, to hide chocolate eggs and bunnies in the lawn, bushes of the courtyard/garden, then wake up the kids, and tell them that the bells flew over the garden and dropped all these goodies. The kids then run in the garden, very excited, and scurry around to get all the goodies! My mum was always cooking lamb on the Sunday, as a tradition
, or habit maybe... You gathered, no religion involved whatsoever, and Easter for me is synonymous with chocolate eggs, bells with wings chicks and bunnies, 4 days free from school/work, and yes lamb, because that time of year is when the lambs were best to eat!

And the beauty of internet, I learnt this year about passover and the cooking constraints associated, I really enjoyed the blogs about creative cooking around it! :)
So, all in all I'll go to bed less stupid tonight!

What's YOUR experience of Easter?

Enjoy the long break!, and HAPPY EASTER, HAPPY PASSOVER and HAPPY anything else I don't yet know about!


Marjo said...

Hello Christelle
Hope you have a happy Easter, with lamb and lots of chocolate eggs and fresh vegetables of the season : asparagus, beans (fèves), salads, strawberries etc...etc...
Yesterday, we had roasted gigot with fèves and potatoes cooked in a tomatoes sauce with basil
and today, I chopped the lamb meat which remains and with eggplant I make a turkish dish called "les délices de l'Immam"...served with a red wine 'Chateaneuf du Pape" (1995).. Oecumenic meal isn't :o))

Christelle said...

Hi Marjolaine! :)
Looks like you had some fine meals this Easter. I had forgotten about the roasted gigot with fèves, a I haven't had it in yers, my mum always used to make it for Easter indeed, yummy! :)
I've heard a lot about "les délices de l'Immam", I even have the recipe, but I never actually ate it! :O
Hope you had enough time to relax with all that cooking :)