Sunday, 17 August 2008

Chinese BBQ ribs

I wonder how many people buy these ready made or at the take away, when they taste better at home, are cheap as chips, and so fast and easy to make...

Of course if you are not usually cooking eastern foods,you may not have the ingredients, sure. Here's the deal: making the marinade takes 10 minutes max, marinating, at least an hour (so you can prepare them in the morning), and cooking them takes about an hour in the oven, giving you time to have a life when you are back from work, and possibly preparing other foods if you have invited some friends over.

You will need:
- a rack of ribs, cut in pieces
- 1 big dash Hoi sin sauce (choose a gluten free Hoi sin sauce if required)
- 1 piece of ginger the size of your thumb gratted of cut finely
- a big dash of golden syrup (or ginger preserve, or honey)
- a dash of soy sauce (choose a gluten free soya sauce if required)
- 3 crushed or cut finely garlic cloves
- a spoonful of toasted sesame oil
- a dash of sherry or Chinese rice wine (choose a gluten free type if required)

Mix everything and massage the meat into the marinade, make sure the ribs are covered in sauce.
Leave to marinate for at least an hour.
Place on a foil sheet (very important: you don't want any dish washing, do you!) and cook for an hour at 200 degrees Celsius depending on your oven for 15 mins, turn the ribs over and cook another 15 mins.

Et voila, eat with your fingers, and lick them carefully once you're over with them....

Source: after having tasted a friend's, she mentioned the ingredients, I just put them together, and experimented with the quantities to get to this result...


Ricardo said...

I love the Chinese ribs as they are sweet yet mild tempered, I also love American and European as they are a bit more aggressive on the spice, the above ones look amazing and delicious, well done..

Christelle said...

I'll try your American one!As I've never tasted them..