Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sticky rice and Mango

Sticky rice and Mango (by Christ tell)
I've wanted to try the dessert for ages before I actually could. I'd heard it was so delicious... So I tried it as soon as I could, but I've never been too satisfied with it. I suspected that I might have to hunt it at the source. So when I went to Thailand, I hunted it in the streets, and at last, found the gorgeous dessert I'd been hoping all along. I found out the secret of it as soon as I put it in my mouth, and from then was able to reproduce it. It goes like that with a lot of thai foods: it's all about balance, and when you've found it, you can't forget it.

So you'll ask, what was the secret of a gorgeous sicky rice and mango?
it is...tadaaaaa.... Salt!
Don't pull this face. yes. salt. It's a balance between sweet and salty.
For 2 people, count 100g rice per person, rinse the sticky rice with cold water - not til the water goes clear, because with sticky rice, it never will. Add a small tin of coconut milk (preferably the Chaokoh brand because it is young coconut scrapped). Addd some water. cook until the rice is soft (add morewater if needed). Add sugar, then add the salt until balance is reached.
When ready, dish the rice and add on top the best (sliced) ripe mango you can find.
That's it, a delight. Soooo easy!


ICook4Fun said...

Welcome to food blogging. I think cooking our own food is much healthier and cheaper too that is why I always find time to do it :)

ICook4Fun said...

By the way the Mango sticky rice look yummy. May fav dessert to eat when I visit Thailand.

Christelle said...

Thanks for dropping by Icook4fun :))

I could not agree more with your statement... However I know a lot of people who think it is too complicated anyway. So if they are willing to give it a go, I'm providing some help with this blog. I have convinced a few people by feeding them, but I can't do that on the internet. I can only try to entice people with the photos...

I'll post the banana pancake video I took in Thailand next: my fav dessert in Thailand! I found a similar pancake but without the banana in Malaysia: the Roti Canai. Oh my god, super yummy! - I want to try it at home, I found a recipe on eHow, but I think the flapping trick is going to be superhard to produce...