Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong (Part 1)

Quite a while ago, I started blogging about Hong Kong, but I am not quite over on the subject.
- You will have to excuse the poor picture quality, as I took only a little compact that time, my faithful Optio SV -

I really want to talk to you about the day I spent on my own on the little island of Cheung Chau. I have been totally under its charm at first sight. A very quiet place where life goes slowly, populated by friendly people (who only speak Cantonese by the way so be warned...).
The island is west of Hong Kong island and it takes about an hour by ferry to reach it.

View of the harbourView of the harbourView of the harbour

The main business seems to be fishing,

View of the harbourHarbour roadHarbour road
And as soon as one lands, it is obvious looking at the harbour promenade, that tourism and in particular seafood restaurants are the main attraction of the island.

I took a stroll inside the island first, keeping the restaurant string for when I would be hungry later.
A few hundred yards further, after plodding along the narrow street,
Narrow street towards the beachNarrow street in side streets
I found myself by the beach on the other side of the island, having passed what seemed to be a resort, chinese way. The beach was being worked on, as the month of February is a quiet one.
Holiday housesthe beach in winter...

Coming back into the small town, I came across shrine and church,
Mini templeChinese church of fatima?

And amongst the shopping and workshop streets
WorkshopCul de sac
Back street
A lot of dry fish for sale
Dried seafoodDried seafood

And I will always remember the amazing smell of the dried (drying?) noodles...

noodles shop

To be followed.....

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Edward Lui said...

I love this place, been properly back in March this year for 3 weeks. We will deffo have to compare trip notes and share images. I need to get mine up soon to share with everyone :)