Saturday, 28 August 2010

Exotic summer cake (no baking )

Exotic summer cake (no baking )

Another dish inspired by mango, because they are very tasty at the moment.
And again, it is an 'on the spur of the moment' cake. It fits the bill as well: easy, very quick to make, and very tasty, refreshing in the summer...

It is based loosely on tiramisu and Charlotte.

You will need:
- 6-7 small brioches each cut in three pieces in the length (slices)
- 1 pot of mascarpone
- 1 ripe sweet mango cut in slices
- 3 heaped tablespoon sugar
- 2 big splashes of cherry alcohool (or another alcohool if you don't have any)
- 1 passion fruit

Lay on the bottom and sides of a medium sized dish the slices of brioche. sprinkle with a dash of the cherry alcohool.
Mix the mascarpone with the sugar, then pour half of it on the brioche as a flat layer.
Lay the mango slices on top as a layer.
Pour the remaining mascarpone on top as a layer again.
Sprinkle the passion fruit pulp evenly on the cake.
Place in the fridge for two hours.

Eat and Enjoy.

Recipe and photography: me
Exotic summer cake (no baking )


mycookinghut said...

Very interesting recipe!!

❥ Teddy Hang Vu said...

thanks a lot <3 I like this recipe! o^^o

pigpigscorner said...

wow, very interesting use of brioche!