Monday, 6 June 2011

Lancashire black peas

Lancashire Black Peas

I just wanted to share with you a local/regional discovery. In spite of having lived in Lancashire for 12 years+, I failed to realise one of the old traditional food of Lancashire is bl;ack peas. They were featured at Accrington food fair and I did not miss the sampling. They taste very much like mushy peas, slightly different, and they are to be sprinkled with salt and pepper. My opinion? I really liked them, and the pot they were in was way too small!

Lancashire Black Peas


mycookinghut said...

I have never tried blackpeas... I wonder if I could get them at the supermarket.

Christelle said...

That's a great question, possibly chinese supermarkets, or south american shops?

RetiredonMayne said...

Black peas available at the black pea vendor at the Bury Market. Brought back a bag with me to Canada, a bit of nostalgia, will cook like mushy peas. Ian Birtwell

John said...

I had 'Black Peas' on Bury Market in July 2013. I live in Australia and was determined to source them here. I finally found them in Oct.2013 at an animal stockfeed place. I cooked them up and tasted that memory of Bury Market.