Monday, 20 June 2011

Mediterranean Fish Soup

Fish soup photo by Jpazam

When I was little, my dad was taking my brother and I fishing near the harbours or in the rocks, in Saint tropez, where we were spending our summers, we were going early in the morning, and my brother was protesting, always impatient.
Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez Fisherman net and boat

It was great fun fishing with the bamboos we'd carefully selected to turn into fishing rods, using various baits. With the mediterranee being so transparent, we could see the fishes approaching most of the time, which was making the activity even more exciting. We were getting small fishes of all sorts, colourful or ugly and rocky, red, rainbow...
Harbour fishes
Little green crab hidding - hard to groab!

and when the fishes were failing to fall in our traps, we'd go in the rocks trying to catch little green crabs, those who add such a great taste to the soup.

- 1kg of varied small mediterranean rock fishes
- 1 small rock crab

- olive oil

- 3 or 4 tomatoes

- 3 garlics sliced
- thyme - laurel
- pepper

- 1 to 1l 1/2 of water

- as many garlics as guestsplanted on a fork each

Wash the fishes, roughly scale them. Do not empty them. Heat the oil in a pot at medium fire (preferably not metal) and throw in the fishes. mix the fishes until they are soft and falling apart. Add the three tomatoes, and the garlic, herbs, pepper and water. Simmer for approx 1/2h Pass the fish soup through a vegetable grinder. Prepare croutons , and the rouille (mayonnaise with rouille spice mix) Serve the soup with the croutons, the garlic planted forks and the rouille

Source: familly recipe from my mum, and fish soup photo by Jpazam, other photos by me.
Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez
Harbour fishSaint TropezSaint Tropez

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