Monday, 25 May 2009

Reminiscence of Malaysian street food [2]

Night food (by Christ tell)
A great attraction of the Malaysian food scene is the Hawker center. A place where hawkers are garthered on a small perimeter, some having exercised their skills for years, or for generations, competing for reputation. Gurnley Drive in Georgetown on Pulau Penang is one of these places, and has acquired quite a notoriety. Some Islanders will tell you that it has become more touristy in the last years, but obviously I could not vouch for that, and I decided to see for myself anyway.
Gurnley drive is a long corridor with tables in the middle and hawkers on its sides. I did find that there was a repetition of dishes, and not knowing the reputation of each hawker, I had to try what took my fancy. But before eating I had a walk around, which did not prove to make my decision easier.

I took a few pictures of some interesting stalls, like what I would call the food on stick stall, with fishballs, sausages,seafood (shrimps, baby squids)...:
Food on a stick stall (by Christ tell)

The Popiah stall, another very famous Malaysian specialty, a cold illed pancake:
Making a Popiah [2] (by Christ tell) Making a Popiah [1] (by Christ tell)Making a Popiah [3] (by Christ tell)

The soup stall, which possibly of chinese origin, a huge choice of ingedients from which you choode what will make up your soup: noodles, seafood, tofus, leafy greens, fish ball, fish paste filled vegetables, offals... name it, it's there!
Ingredients for the chinese soup (by Christ tell)
Ingredients for the chinese soup (by Christ tell)
Soup which is prepared for you to take to one of the central tables.
Chinese soup (by Christ tell)
By the way, on some stalls, you seat at the table, and somebody takes your order, and you get to pay at the end of the meal. On most hawker centers, you choose a table, then go and order your food and drinks and pay for it at the different hawkers, then the dishes are brought to you.

I loved one of the sweet stalls, the apom stall, where little banna pancakes (the poms) were baked and folded in two.

Mini pancakes and banana slices (by Christ tell)
Mini pancakes and banana slices (by Christ tell)

At the same stall were also made very thin pancakes that were rolled whilst
still hot
Apom being rolled (by Christ tell)

No need to say, impossible to starve out there!
In the midst of our meal, came an unexpected downpour of rain, and most people left, although a few stayed under the umbrellas, undisturbed, including us...

I hope you enjoyed this little visit, I have not quite finished my series of posts on Malaysian foods, so keep your eyes peeled...


Anonymous said...

Great posts on Malaysian food - very educational and all new to me! Thanks!

pigpigscorner said...

I've never had those pancakes with bananas! Are those the same ones with corn, coconut flakes and sugar?

ICook4Fun said...

Looking at all your pictures make me miss home a lot. Who knows maybe one day we can plan our vacation at the same time and we can go for some food adventure together :)

japanese recipes said...

Great post! I bet you had lot of local food in Penang. :)

figtreeapps said...

Really interesting..thanks for sharing Figtreeapps

Unknown said...

Thanks Christelle for the photos of Hawker centers. They are fantastic in Malaysia and Singapore. They are clean and served delicious meals. Nothing similar in Europe. Miss themmmmmmmmm

pixen said...

wow .. nice picts! You're right, you won't starve in Penang. I have friends as far as Singapore drive -in just for the food! NExt time, ask a local where the best of certain dishes are hidden. At Gurney Drive, it's an All-In-One place but there are food like best Laksa, Char Koay Teow, Popiah (Fresh Springrolls), Nasi Kandar, Yong Tau Foo ( your pict with lots of vegetables, fishballs, etc), Chee Cheong Fun...the lots that only local Penangites knew!

Christelle said...

To 5starFoodie, you're welcome, food always tastes better shared ;)

To pigpigscorner: the bananapancakes in the video are only found in thailand i think, and the ones on the photo are not with cocont, and I'd never seen them before, they are apom, but slightly different i think..

To Icook4fun: Oh that would be wonderful!!!

To Japanese recipes: I did, but it was not enough still, 3 meals a day ;)

To Figtreeapps: you're welcome!

To Marjo: i agree they are definitely missing in Europe!

To Pixen: I was aware of that, and it is tough yes, Some malaysian friends helped me but really locals advice is best, totallly agree!
Means I'll have to go back ;)

Mhel said...

I had a very tasteful adventure in Penang. Cant forget the roti canai. Difficult to look for alternatives, and difficult to make one as well.
Sup Hameed is the best and the bah kuh teh..