Friday, 31 October 2008

The famous Singapore Sling

When I was in Singapore, I went to the Raffles hotel, where the Singapore Sling was invented. I had to try this cocktail! I found it too sweet -I am definitely not a sweet tooth-, but it was worth trying.

Before I ordered the cocktail, I asked a member of staff what was in it and he pulled out a card from his pocket with the recipe and gave it to me with a smile, it was the recipe for the cocktail. I was quite impressed by the service...

Here is the recipe that was on the card:

Raffles Hotel’s Hainanese-Chinese bartender, Mr Ngiam Tong Boon, created the world-famous Singapore Sling, based on Peter Heering’s cherry brandy, in 1915. This gives the Singapore Sling its distinctive pink colour.

Recipe of Singapore Sling – Created at the Legendary Raffles Hotel

- 30 ml Gin
- 15 ml Heering Cherry Liqueur
- 120 ml Pineapple Juice
- 15 ml Lime Juice
- 7.5 ml Cointreau
- 7.5 ml Dom Benedictine
- 10 ml Grenadine
- A Dash of Angostura Bitters

Garnish with a slice of Pineapple and Cherry

Source: Raffles Hotel, Singapore

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