Friday, 24 October 2008

Melaka chicken Rice Balls

I travelled to Malaysia this year and had wonderful food experiences that I want to share with you. No recipe for this post I'm afraid, although if anyone knows how to cook this please let me know, I'd love to cook it myself.

On my way to the historic Square of Melaka (Malacca) from my hotel (Hotel Puri, I could make a whole post on it, it was beautiful), I got a bit Peckish and had a sudden want to try chicken rice balls in a small restaurant that was doing take away too. I would have preferred to stay in, but my travel companion did not want to spend too much time sat down in a restaurant so the consensus was that I took away the dish.

When I finally opened the box and tasted it I could not believe my tastebuds: it was so flavoursome, tasty, the texture and association was incredible.
The chicken was juicy and moist, the sauce was soft and meaty, the vegetable were working perfectly with it, and the texture of the rice balls was perfect..

My travel companion regretted then not to have stopped in the restaurant and in the evening, we stopped in an other restaurant at a corner in the same street that claimed a bit louder to do that dish. I had something else then, but her chicken rice ball was nowhere near as good as the one I had for lunch.

So next day lunchtime, we came back to the older quainter looking restaurant (the one just before the mini roundabout and the bridge!), sat down, asked for the menu. No menu. Only one dish! So of course we ordered it! A family of other westerners sat down next to us and quickly went out as soon as they realised there was no menu, their loss!

It turned out that the owner, a lovely lady, had made that dish in that same restaurant for 42 years! No wonder it was so good!


ICook4Fun said...

Glad that you try out this chicken rice balls in Melaka. I do have a similar recipe at my blog 'hainanese Chicken Rice' To make the rice ball you just add a bit more stock to cook the rice and when its done just make it into a ball.

Christelle said...

I did spot the 'hainanese Chicken Rice' on your blog, however I was not sure hoew similar the dished were!... thanks for pointing me in that direction!
I have a big backlog of your recipes I want to try, in fact, most of them! You are still my favorite blog of all you know!

Jan said...

Looks yummy! A great blog you have here by the way!

Joeli said...

Hi, I wrote a post addressing your question about whether or not I'd recommend silicone baking cupcake molds.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The food looks delicious.

Nazarina A said...

You are a lucky duck! Malaysia is beautiful, your pictures says it all!

mycookinghut said...

I haven't had chicken rice for ages! I tried chicken rice balls once.. but I think I still prefer the normal hainanese chicken rice :)

Christelle said...

Oh I wish I could have it again, it was sooo good !!

homeladychef said...

Welcome to Malaysia !!(belated) Everytime when I went back to KL, I'll drop by Melaka to have the nicechicken rice. You are so fortunate to know about it!! & have eaten it! ;)

Christelle said...

Hi Homeladychef! I am so glad indeed to have tasted them, but Now I'd like to have them again, and in that specific restaurant too! :)) You are lucky to have been several times! :)
Thanks for dropping by :)

Mhel said...

I wonder how does melaka rice balls tastes in comparison to chicken rice of penang?