Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tiramisu: Fast 'slow food'

Tiramisu (by Christ tell)
Here's a great dessert, and so easy to make too..I got the recipe from a friend who's boyfriend was an Italian chef... and I reproduced it many times, it's so yummy!

For 2 hungry people
PREPARATION: 10 minutes maximum

- 1 pot of mascarpone
- 1 egg yolk
- 1 teaspoon of sugar (the sponge fingers will bring the sweetness)
- 1 packet sponge fingers (for the small version on the photo I used trifle sponge):
- 100% cocoa powder (very important, do not use the odd cocoa powder: although you won't need much, the flavour will be very important)
- 1 espresso or strong coffee (but fresh, it wont be as good with granules coffee)
- Amaretto (or other alcohol that agrees with coffee and mascarpone)

Mix well the mascarpone with the yolk, put aside.

In a shallow dish, put the espresso, a small dash of Amarett, and top up with water (it should not be too strong)

Dip one by one the sponge fingers in the espresso mix (quickly enough so that they are not soaked), and dispose them neatly and tightly one by one in the final dish to cover an area with half the packet (a bit less) of sponge fingers.

Cover this first layer with half the mascarpone, then cover again with the rest of the sponge fingers, then another layer of mascarpone.

Sprinkle the whole with cocoa powder to cover with a thin layer.

Keep in the fridge for a few hours, it gets better with time.

And remember: the simpler, the better. You might be tempted to add a few things: like vanilla flavour, etc… but try it like that first, you'll realise quickly adding more ingredients won't make it better.

Also, no sugar is required in the mascarpone because the sponge fingers arre already sweet enough...

Et voila!

Source: a friend who's boyfriend was an Italian chef taught me a few years ago


Parker said...

Beautiful looking. I bet it is nice and fluffy/light. I wish I new an Italian Chef.

Christelle said...

Ah ah you don't need the Italian chef, you have his ultra easy recipe!! :)
Yes, They are good people to know! :)

Ricardo said...

Couldn't find your apple pancakes...but God I found this tiramisu.. so divine and looks so light and powdery yum YUM I really enjoyed it, visually speaking since I can't taste it , but I imagine it is really REALLY good :D xxx

Ilan said...

This looks so delicious... My girlfriend was standing next to me when I was checking your post. Now I have to make one of these myself!