Thursday, 6 November 2008


I tasted these again at a Christmas market quite a while ago, and found them so good this time that I decided to make them myself..

Again, it's very easy and it takes minutes.

To make about 6/7 congolais, you need 2 egg whites, probably 20g sugar (you can add powdered milk or condensed milk), and some dry gratted coconut (to wanted consistency). beat the whites, incorporate the sugar and the coconut until the mix is on the verge to not be foamy anymore. shape them as little rocks and press them when doing so:

Place them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes, until they start to be golden on the outside.

These are great out of the oven or cold, and you can keep them in a biscuit tin for a fey days!


Source: my own meanderings


Marjolaine said...

wouahhhh, thank you for this one, my husband would adore them. But watch out for your diet

ICook4Fun said...

This look very much like coconut macarons.

Christelle said...

Well, they are also called macaroon in France (macarons), but macaroons is really more for this type of biscuits:

Parker said...

They look really pretty for Christmas, love the coconut texture on them.

Christelle said...

Parker: I suppose you could shape them as stars, angels... etc!