Friday, 5 December 2008

Christmas markets

If there is one thing I am looking forward to in Winter, it's the Christmas markets. With their mulled wines, German European products, useless gadgets and fun items, scarves, craft, xmas pressies,... Gouda at the Dutch stall, German sausages

Every year it brings crowds from all over the region. Despite the economic downturn, the market is still very popular, whether if it rains, snows...
scarves and hats,Congolais at the Belgian stall, some more cheese at the Bavarian cheese stall, maybe I'll have some sauerkraut or schnitzel, strudels... and of course I will browse the local craft stall and drink some Glühwein with my friends, in the freezing cold!
From year to year in Manchester the markets are getting better and better and spread in town. The prices are high, but the pleasure is there.
I have my habits, every year I will get some cheese, woven pink garlic, pâtés and saucissons at the French charcuterie stalls,

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