Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Oven Satay glazed Chicken wings

I did fancy some satay chicken, easy of course, in the oven. I did not follow a recipe, I was inspired that day.
I marinated the chicken wings in
- 75g gado gado paste crumbled
- a big thumb sized piece of ginger chopped finely
- 2 cloves of garlic chopped finely
- 2 shallots chopped finely
- 1 lime juice
- fish sauce to equal the lime juice
- 2 tblspn peanut butter
- 1 slosh honey or golden sirup
- a dash of soy sauce
- 1 tblsp sesame oil
- 2 birdeye chillis sliced (I used a green one and a red one)

Marinate the chicken in the mix for at least 1/2h
Then dispose the chicken wings on a tray covered with foil (you don't have to, but remember who's washing the dishes in the end..) pour half the marinade on top.
Cook for half an hour at 180 deg C. Turn the wings and pour the rest of the marinade on top.
Cook for another 1/2h, ready!

Provided you have the ingredients (and I always do...) it's easy enough and you spend a minimum of time making it and taking care of it cooking. Brilliant for parties.

Source: My own improvisation


ICook4Fun said...

I am amazed at your love of Asian food. From Thai, Malaysia to Indonesian :) The wings really look so good. Maybe I should make this for our Christmas brunch :) Thanks for sharing.

Christelle said...

Thanks ICook4Fun! South East Asian food is brilliant, incredibly flavoursome, light and healthy, what else could one want!!

Rico said...

well improvised...a few changes here and there, that make your dish great ...well done thx for sharing :)

Christelle said...

Thanks Roco! South East Asian marinates are brilliant and so versatile, it is quite easy to improvise once you know what flavour you want to taste...