Sunday, 28 December 2008

Dill Trout with cream

Once again, the lazy cooks will be charmed. It's not as healthy as steamed, and you can cut on cream to make it healthy, up to you.
You'll need per person:
- 1 trout fillet
- 1tblspn sour cream (or 2..)
- 1tspn dill (fresh is better, but dried is fine)
- 1 filet lemon
- optional: salt (I personnally abstain)
- 1 square of foil

Place on the foil the fish, top it up with the cream, the dill and splash with the lemon juice.

Close the foil, and place in the oven for approx 15-20 min at 200degrees C depending on the size of the piece of fish. Check and keep cooking if it needs more.
Serve with toasted and buttered crumpet..
As I said, not super healthy, but since it's so tasty....

Source: my improvisation


Rico said...

never thought using crumpets with fish but it seems to work well done...thx for sharing

Christelle said...

Thanks Rico! Well I just felt like it at the time, and I was too surprised about the result, it goes wonderfully well together!