Saturday, 7 February 2009

Haggis, neeps and tatties

....Or translate Haggis, turnips and potatoes!

Recently, in fact just a day before the Chinese New Year and Australia Day - too many celebrations in two days this year!- it was Burns night. This Scottish celebration involves haggis which you can't get so easily in England the rest of the year. .

I absolutely love haggis and last time I went to Scotland, I ate it every day (I know it's extreme..!). It is made with oats and offals, and is full of goodness, recommended to anybody lacking iron. Vegetarian variants exist, I am not a huge fan, but if you can't have the real McCoy, go for this one!

Anyway, I bought three at once at the farmers market, providing me with three easy and gorgeous meals. These haggis were cased in a proper sheep's stomach, as oppowed to the now more common plastic tube.
Its flavour was amazing, and I served it the traditionnal way: Steamed (for 40 minutes) with three different types of mash:- sweet potato mash,
- parsnips mash (steamed parsnips with a bit of salt and a bit of nutmeg), and
- potato mash (steamed potatoes mashed with single cream, butter, salt and ahint of mustard)
So remember, place in the steamer the haggis and the segregated vegetables (potatoes, parsnips and sweet potatoes) for 40 minutes, then prepare the mashes and serve, it's fast, tasty, and nutritious!


Source: My own recipes


pigpigscorner said...

I love haggis and I ate it everyday when I went to Scotland as well! I wish I could have some right now.

Christelle said...

Hi pigpigscorner! I think it's possible to order them on the internet, but I don't have any address for that...
I have no idea why it is not a more common food, I suppose a lot of people are put off by offals...

Ricardo said...

Nothing like a real good haggis I loved it...cheers!!

rich said...

I live in the North of England, and occassionally find myself in Scotland on business. I always return with a haggis, always.

Great haggis presentation, by the way.

Christelle said...

Ricardo: A good haggis in winter, with the snow and cold outside, yep!

Rich: I'm so jealous! - and thanks!