Monday, 16 February 2009

Healthy Winter Warmer

This winter is particularly cold in Britain, and the reflex is to go for stodgy foods, and hibernation.
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But it is worth making some lighter albeit satisfying food. This recipe is nor time consuming nor difficult, and is well worth it. It is light, but filling without gluten type ingredients.

Ingredients for 3:
- 3 chicken breasts
- 3 leeks cut in thick slices
- 3 sweet potatoes cut in thick chips
- 6 parsnips cut in thick chips
- 1 tin chicken soup
(or for the ones bothered by using a tin:
- 2 shallots chopped,
- chicken stock,
- 3 tblspn cream,
- salt, pepper, nutmeg)

In an oven dish:
- place the leeks at the bottom,
- dispose on top the chicken breast cut in two in their width

- (then place above the ingredients
for the chicken soup alternative), and,
- as a last layer place the parsnips and sweet potato chips.
Pour on top the chicken soup
Then place in the oven covered at 180degC for 30 min.
After 30 min, uncover the dish and cook for another 30 min.

The chips should be cooked to the core and crispy, and underneath, the chicken should be moist and tasty, in the juices.
Serve hot and have a glass of white wine!

Bon apetit!

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pigpigscorner said...

Oh my, for awhile I thought you were going to cook that little thing! Sounds like a great winter dish!

Christelle said...

Ah ah ah no, not enough meat on it ;) too cute too ;)
Saying this, i know squirrel is cooked in the US, and in the same vein, hamster are a very common dish in Peru.. Anything goes on this planet! :)
But rest reassured, this one never touched my pans ;)

norecipes said...

I love simple dishes like this that you can throw in the oven and forget about until it's ready to eat. Looks great!

Christelle said...

I know norecipe, they're a blessing!...

Manger La Ville said...

This dish looks awesome. But squirrels are my favorite and that picture is tooo much. I love it!!!

Christelle said...

Thanks, I thought I'd perk up the post, I'd like to be a squirrel sometimes and hibernate :)

alwayswinner786 said...

Thanks for your visit.It is a wonderful experience visiting your blog as you share some yummy and delicious recipes.And the squirrel is so cute.
A passionate film lover and a great cook is really a rare combination. Great!
You are always welcome to my blog and I too will drop in whenever I make some time.
All the best.

Ricardo said...

Wow so countrified so delicious and warm feeling I get from looking at the photo.. thx for sharing :D

lesley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! : )

That recipe looks delicious!

Kevin said...

That looks like a nice one pot meal!

Ricardo said...

This recipe looks very nice, what we would call a nice Hot Pot dish.. lovely .
By the way thanks for the explanation, I'll keep looking, and also you can always mail me, my mail is in my profile I think. :D xxx

Christelle said...

Ricardo: Thanks, and I'll try to post the Pancakes as soon as I can! :)
Lesley you're welcome, I really enjoyed your blog!
Kevin: It's so easy and fast, gives you all the time to snuggle in the sofa with a hot drink, a blanket and a good film ;)

Parker said...

Wonderful winter dish, sure to warm you up!

Brenda said...

Love your blog so far - just found you on Foodbuzz. :) I am a dimsum addict and look forward to trying out some of your Asian recipes!

More apropos to this post though is that I've been doing a series of "End of Winter Indulgences" on my blog this week if you want to check them out!

Springtime said...

Sounds like a great dish - full of wonderful flavours without the stodge. Just what the doctor ordered for the end of the beginning of spring!

Christelle said...

Parker, Brenda and Springtime, thanks for your comment! :)
Great you like it, yes quite a light dish in the end indeed...