Saturday, 21 March 2009

Baked fragrant tofu

When I was in Singapore, I tasted a dish called fragrant tofu: a slab of hot silken tofu covered with a meat and herbs topping. I absolutely loved it, it was like a savoury creme brulee!

So recently I have bought some silken tofu, and it stayed in my fridge until I was reminded of my intent by an article about baked tofu I read on the internet. So my intents gave birth to a cross between fragrant and baked, hence the title!
And today, I wanted to eat something healthy and tasty, easy, and most of all satisfying.
Hence I knocked my own version of fragrant tofu with what I had in my fridge and baking it because I fancied it caramelised:

- 1 slab silken tofu
- 1 big slice of ham chopped in small squares
- 1/2 big green chilli chopped
- 1 spring onion chopped
- 1 teaspoon full of chopoped ginger
- 1 dash oyster sauce
- 2 tblspn sesame oil

Place the tofu on a small oven dish, mix all the other ingredients together and cover the tofu with it.
Place in the oven for 1/2h at 200 degC
I did not have time, but marinating the tofu in the mix first could have worked really well too, if you have the time. For vegetarian or vegans, skip the ham and replace by vegges.

Also, the same dish could be steamed, and I reckon it would be pretty tasty too!...

Source: my own food meanderings


Food For Tots said...

Your baking method sounds interesting and unique to me! My version of fragrant tofu is: steam the tofu and discard the water. Then sautee the ingredients until fragrant and pour over the tofu. Give it a try!

Christelle said...

Thannks Foodfortots!:)
Well, it is really unique, as I was first thinking of doing the steamed fragrant tofu, but I saw some articles about baking tofu and decided to bake it fragrant, lol!
It was very tasty, and yes I will definitely do the steamed version too.
This one is effortless so I|'l do it again too, I love tofu! :))

Ricardo said...

that tofu looks super delicious really does, reminds me of a tuna steak, wonder what it tastes like as I don't think I ever ate tofu. cheers for sharing> :) xxx