Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Winter Warmer stew

Yup, still cold here in Britain. Sunny, but cold! So it makes me a bit lazy about spending time cooking. But I still want to eat healthy and balanced. So here's another easy recipe for you.

Ingredients for 2:
- 2 pieces of pork
(filet mignon will do nicely)
- 4 tblspn chinese white wine (or dry sherry)
- salt flakes
&cracked pepper
- 4 tblspn soy sauce

- 1 red pepper bell chopped in squares

- a handfull of sweet dried cranberries
- 4 medium to small potatoes (not new potatoes, King edwards will do nicely) chopped in quarters if small potatoes

- 4 carrots chopped in short sticks

- 1 big onion chopped in squares

- 4 big cloves of garlic chopped in big bits

- 2 tins chopped tomatoes

- 1 tblspn of herbes de provence

- a dash of olive oil
- water

Rub the meat with a bit of oil, salt, pepper, soy sauce and chineese white wine. Leave to rest at the bottom of an oven dish big enough to contain all the ingredients above.
Add the cranberries and red pepper bell Then top with the carrots, garlic, onion and potatoes, pour a dash of oil, add the tins of tomato, top up with water so that the meat is covered, then sprinkle with the herbs. Place in the oven at 200deg Celsius, set the timer for about 1h30, forget about it and snuggle with a cup of tea in front of a good film. When the timer rings, dish up and eat, the sauce is rich and flavoursome, and satisfying! Enjoy and bon apetit!

Source: the inspiration of the day....


Springtime said...

Sounds wonderful! I've lived off of stews this winter, they have so much flavour and feel just right for cold and damp British days.

I love the idea of using cranberries in a stew - I've not tried that(yet)!

mycookinghut said...

Yeah.. it's true that it's sunny but cold... and windy. It feels like thousand of needles poking into my flesh!
This stew will surely warm me up!

angelamears said...

What a great recipe. Those Asian flavors must make it a really surprising stew. Lovely pictures.

Ricardo said...

very inspiring and delicious as well as a step by step photographic instruction, loved it very nice indeed. thx for sharing xxx