Friday, 13 March 2009

Le pâté en croute (pâté lorrain) PART 2

This post is a follow up of this one, where I had not given the recipe for the pâté lorrain. UponMarjolaine's request, I will now post the recipe.
Where I come from, we call this dish the pâté en croute, but it is recognised other parts of France as the pâté lorrain.
I have eaten this pâté many times in France since I am originally from the Champagne region, next to Lorraine.

Here in Britain, I really miss it. So everytime I go back to France, I ask my mum to cook it for me.
Why don't I cook it myself?
Well, I cannot get hold of rabbit or veal very easily here, it's quite a big hassle. And rather than compromise on the taste - if it does not taste of my childhood, what's the point...- I prefer to eat it only in France. The bakeries sell it in Lorraine and we used to buy it there, but my parents have moved to the sunny south of France, so we have to cook it as it can't be gotten hold off down there...

For the stuffing:

- 500g
porc neck, noix de veal, rabbit, cut in thin strips
- 2 shallot chopped finely
-2 tblsp parsley chopped
- 10g sel + pepper
- 10 cl of Riesling white wine

Mix the ingredients with the hands, then marinate for 12h in the friedge, covered with
plastic film.

Assembling of the pâté:

- 500g puff pastry
- 1 egg yolk
- salt
- water
Roll the puff pastry, cut a rectangle, place the meat in the middle, fold the sides onto the meat.

Add a smaller rectangle on the top, and create 2 little chimneys, cut a pattern on the top.

Brush the yolk mixe
d with salt and a bit of water over the pastry.

Leave to rest for 1h30 in the fridge

Place in oven at 200degC for 45 min and at 175degC for 15 Minutes.
The pâté can be eaten hot and cold. Serve with a salad and a pinot noir red wine.

Source: my mum...


Marjolaine said...

Thank you so much Christelle, I'll certainly schedule this pate for this week end. Warm and with a nice fresh salad, it will be a treat for the coming Spring.

angelamears said...

Mmmm. Looks amazing! You did a lovely job with the pastry. It may sound weird, but this recipe actually reminds me of a Chinese one that my mom makes. She calls them "Chinese Hamburgers." Haha

ICook4Fun said...

wow, this look great. I never try pate before even though I seen it in one of the supermarket here. Wish I can have some for dinner now :)

Christelle said...

Marjolaine: You won't be disappointed I promise! :)

Angelamears: I find a lot of common points between the Chinese and French foods... use of stock, variety of cuisine by region etc..

Icook4fun: Ahhh, but this one will beat the supermarkets anytime, especially when It's just warm out of the oven, lol.. oh dear, |I'm hungry to now!! :)

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

Mmmmmm I love meatpies like this. The step-by-step photos are very helpful.

myfrenchkitchen said...

A grea tblog and I love your header...very original1

Christelle said...

Marc: Glad the steps help you :)

Myfrenchkitchen: Thanks! :)

Nurit said...

This looks great1
I can't find rabbit where I am located, but pork and veal yes, probably not a neck...

Anonymous said...

Christelle -- thanks so much for this recipe. When I was little I lived in the Lorraine region of France for three years and we would get this from the little boulangerie in the village to serve on Sunday morning. Such a treat. We evenutally moved back to the states, and ever since, I've been searching for a recipe that captures the taste my four year old self remembers and nothing has ever come close! This sounds perfect. I cannot wait to try it! Merci merci!