Friday, 19 September 2008

Cheese biscuits

Another easy,fast and successful recipe. This time it is cheese biscuits..

4 laughing cow portions
90g butter
200g flour
1 tsp raising agent

Making it:
Soften the butter then mix it with the laughing cow until you get a smooth paste. then add the flower little by little and mix to a very thick dough that you will flatten with a rolling pin. Then cut shapes in dough, and place them on an oven tray. place in the oven heated at 180 degree during 12 minutes.
These keep long enough in a metal tin.
You can add herbs in the dough such as thyme, or even salt and pepper etc..

Alternatively you can add a bit of sugar and vanilla to obtain sweet biscuits....


Hey, I never said these were healthy!!...


And for those who asked, here is a photo of the iconic processed cheese:


Laurie said...

Funny thing is- it took me like 1 whole minute to actually get what laughing cow was. Si c'est pas du conditionnement, ça.

These look yummy !

Anonymous said...

i took more than 1 minute - i googled!

ICook4Fun said...

What is laughing cow? Maybe I should google for it too :)By the way how was your trip to France?

Christelle said...

Ahh laughing cow is la vache qui rit in France, die skrattende kuh in swedish (if I remember the spelling well..)not sure if the jJapanese have it Laurie...qkozc. It is an iconic processed cheese with a very particular taste (a good one!), the icon and star being a red laughing cow! :)
A lesser alternative in Britain is dairy Lea icook4fun, not sure about the US...