Friday, 12 September 2008

Angelique's mum's biscuits

I'm not a sweet tooth, but I do enjoy some sweetness from time to time. Today I am writing about a recipe I was given but my friend Angelique's mum. She keeps young children as an occupation, so she always makes sure that she has lots of cookies in the jar...
These biscuits are very versatile, easy to make, fast to cook and prepare, and super fast to eat...

: 10 min

QUANTITY: a biiiiiig tin of biscuits

- 450 g of flour
- 150 g of powdered almond or coconut
- 150 g of sugar
- 1 tea spoon of baking powder
- 2 beaten eggs
- 250 g of soft butter

Mix the whole lot, then spread it to a sheet of 1/2cm thick, and use shapes to cut the biscuits (I used my lemon squeezer! anything shapy will do really...).

Put in oven for 6 mins.

Dry for 15 mins on an oven grill outside the oven.

If you fancy, you can add flaked almonds, cristallised ginger, hazelnuts, aniseed etc... in the dough for variety.
If you keep them in a tin, you can have them with your tea for quite while.

And you know what they say? Et voila!


Laurie said...

They look GREAT ! And quite easy to bake, at that. Will try ! :)

skinnymum said...

your cookies look yummy.

mix the lot means put everything in and mix with a spatula, or the normal cookie method, cream the butter and sugar, add the egg and fold in the flour?


Christelle said...

Well, yes, skinnymum, I shortcutted as I assumed (and I should not do that) that it's what everybody does always, thanks!